Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Fishing Day at Bear Lake

So, Glen and Dayna invited us to go to Bear Canyon Lake for "Free Fish" day. Glen was already up there because of being at a scout camp. Anyway, it ended up being an impromptu family gathering. Amy and her kids came, Dad and his fiance Tink came and Lacey and James' family surprised us and came as well.

It was so beautiful at the lake. We didn't catch any large fish, just minos. But, is was a great time and we were so happy we went.

Bear Canyon Lake - I get a kick out of Amy standing on the right side of the video

Me and Kaitlyn

Konnor with his fisherman hat

Tim the pack-mule

Konnor working with the fishing line

Daddy and Konnor fishing

My dad

Dayna sneaking a picture of Bryson

Chilling and chatting in the trees

Makenna and Bryson

Me taking my nephew Kade out on the lake


Bryson in a potato chip bag

Kaitlyn out in the boat.
This is when she first started but by the end of the day, she could get around really good.

Tim entertaining himself at the lake