Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Fishing Day at Bear Lake

So, Glen and Dayna invited us to go to Bear Canyon Lake for "Free Fish" day. Glen was already up there because of being at a scout camp. Anyway, it ended up being an impromptu family gathering. Amy and her kids came, Dad and his fiance Tink came and Lacey and James' family surprised us and came as well.

It was so beautiful at the lake. We didn't catch any large fish, just minos. But, is was a great time and we were so happy we went.

Bear Canyon Lake - I get a kick out of Amy standing on the right side of the video

Me and Kaitlyn

Konnor with his fisherman hat

Tim the pack-mule

Konnor working with the fishing line

Daddy and Konnor fishing

My dad

Dayna sneaking a picture of Bryson

Chilling and chatting in the trees

Makenna and Bryson

Me taking my nephew Kade out on the lake


Bryson in a potato chip bag

Kaitlyn out in the boat.
This is when she first started but by the end of the day, she could get around really good.

Tim entertaining himself at the lake

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Camp: June 2-5

I was called to be a Tent Mom over the 3rd Year Girls at camp. It was such an awesome experience! There wasn't any drama and it was a perfect balance of fun and spirituality. My in-laws were All-Stars (once again or, I should say, as ALWAYS) and watched the kids for the whole week. I am so glad I was able to go even though I missed my family a ton!

Southern Estates Young Women

Our theme was "Oh, The Place You'll Go."

Third Years leaving for our hike (which honestly was like a stroll)

First time to climb and rock wall and go repelling. Both were very cool.

I was the lone, lucky leader chosen to participate in a Beauty Pageant/Goofy Talent Show. And from this picture you can see what a beauty I was. Yikes! Anyway, I just decided to have fun with it and not be embarrassed or self-conscious. I really had to think outside of myself on this one! But, I'm not going to lie, I rocked the runway and the talent show. I was Bruno, the Talent Queen. (I didn't choose the name!) It left quite the impression and was very fun!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

We went up to Snowflake and met my dad's lady friend, Tink Nichols, and her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. We had a wonderful time! We ate a wonderful pot-luck lunch, played games, took pictures and visited. We immediately loved Tink and her family and felt very comfortable with them.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. I don't have all of the loaded to my computer so sorry not all of the family is represented.

My favorite shot of our family

Another good picture

Too cute for words

Happy Family

Dad and Tink

Amy, Dayson and Anika

Glen and Dayna's family

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tim in New York

Tim spent a week in New York pounding out business stuff. He left late on Saturday May 21st and got home on Thursday May 27th. He flew in around 11:30 p.m. and went straight to Golf Land to DJ a graduation party for Mesa High school. He got to bed around 5:30 a.m. Needless to say he was exhausted. I will try to get him to write a post about it his trip.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kaitlyn Play's Tee Ball

Kaitlyn played Tee ball these last eight weeks for the Louisville Bats. There were two games a week. She did really good but I think we will try something else. She didn't like standing so much. She needs a sport with a little more action.


She had several friends from our ward on her team. Two of the coaches are also from our ward.

This picture just cracks me up.

During the awards ceremony

Getting her trophy which was actually quite awesome. It moves and bends like an action figure.

Tim snapped this picture of me on the sidelines. I was laughing at him. He was being so cute. Just one of the reasons I love my husband - he makes me laugh! He makes me happy!

Mighty Kaitlyn at bat!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Pictures

All my mother-in-law wanted for Mother's Day was an updated picture of her grandkids. Here were some of my favorite shots.

Makenna's face is so cute, she is ready to pounce!

Carson tasting the grass


Super handsome Konnor

Beautiful unposed shot of Makenna

Sweet Kaitlyn

Bentley, Makenna, Konnor, Colby, Carson, Kaitlyn

The kids also did some video clips wishing Terri a Happy Mother's Day. They were super cute so I wanted to post them too.





Colby Take 1 (This just kills me every time I watch it. I love it!)

Colby Take 2


Friday, May 7, 2010

Konnor's 4th Birthday

We all celebrated Konnor's 4th birthday with much anticipation since he has been saying he is four ever since he turned three.

Konnor is such a wonderful boy! He is smart, cute, funny and loves to snuggle. I am so blessed to be his mom! He told me later, "Mom, I like my birthday! You did good!"

Thanks to everyone else who generously gave him presents to make his day special.

His cake was made out of completely wholesome ingredients and he loved it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gila Valley Temple Trip

On May 5th, my sister Amy and I decided to take the kids and go to the Gila Temple open house. I was worried about traveling with the kids all by myself because of the length of the trip, all crammed into one day. But, the kids were nothing short of AMAZING!!! They played really well at my Aunt Kay's house and loved going through the temple. Kaitlyn said she never wanted to leave because it was so beautiful. It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad I decided to go.

All of us at my Aunt Kay's house in Thatcher

Left to right: Dayson, Anika, Konnor, Kaitlyn, Makenna

Outside the temple, it was a little bit windy that day if you can't tell

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I truly have debated whether or not to post about this because it makes me so upset, but here goes.

On Sunday April 25th, my nephew Kade found a baby humming bird. (I'm not sure why I decided we would take care of it rather than Glen and Dayna, but it just happened that way.) We have tried to take care of a couple baby birds in the past and they both died. So I figured it would be the same fate with this bird too, especially since it was so small. So, we just let the kids play with the bird and discussed with them the possibility that Lilly (affectionately named by Kaitlyn) would not make it until morning. We made Lilly a nest in a super cute Easter basket and waited. That night while talking to my brother-in-law, he reminded me that humming birds drink sugar water. So, I made some sugar water, soaked a Q-tip in it and started rubbing it on Lilly's beak. All of the sudden, her tongue starts going a hundred miles an hour, drinking it up. Sweet!! She continued to eat and get stronger over the next three days. Well, she seemed hungry all the time so we decided to give her some more meaty food. Tim cut up some worms and soaked them in sugar water. We would feed them to Lilly with tweezers. She loved them. Well, on Wednesday, we ran out of soaked worms so I went and got some more and cut them into pieces. I figured it would be Ok if I didn't soak the worm so I just fed it straight to Lilly. After she ate it, she started sounding a little funny and I immediately regretted not soaking and softening the worm first. I kept checking on her for the next couple of hours and then left to go get Kaitlyn from school. When Kaitlyn gets home, first thing she does is run to check on Lilly. She starts petting her and then says, "That's ok sweety, just keep sleeping." My heart skipped a beat. Then Kaitlyn says, "Mommy, Lilly is sleeping with her wings open." I knew what had happened at that point. I walked over to Lilly's basket and looked in to see that she had died. Choked to death by that stupid worm I had fed her! I lost it. I was so mad at myself. Kaitlyn and I cried and cried the whole day. I still regret it. So, there you have it. I'm a baby bird killer. It doesn't get any worse than that.


Kaitlyn making a grave for Lilly

Lilly Grave - by Kaitlyn