Monday, June 11, 2012

Yosemite Trip - June 4-9, 2012

We took an amazing vacation to Yosemite National Park in California.  What a breathtaking place!  Truly one of God's masterpieces! It was a long time in the car (33 hours approximately) but well worth it!  The kids were absolutely amazing during the long hours of driving.  Couldn't have asked for better!

Beautiful picture of Yosemite Valley

Most of the crew at Mariposa Grove
 (Mom and dad Holladay, grandpa Bob, Bryan and Jenn's family and my family)

Kaitlyn - Huge cones from HUGE trees

Grizzly Giant at Mariposa Grove

Cool "Tunnel Tree" and Mariposa Grove

Yosemite valley

Yosemite Falls

We hiked up to the base of Yosemite Falls

Beautiful backdrop of a family picture

With Makenna at Yosemite Falls

Getting ready for a picnic - Tim and Beckham (11 months)

Favorite part of the trip, a hike up to Vernal Fall.
One of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life!

Me and Tim at the top of Vernal Fall

The whole crew (minus Papa and Grandpa Bob) at the top of Vernal Fall.
The older kids hiked the whole way themselves!  Such troopers, it was not easy!
It was a 3 mile round trip, with a 1000 foot ascent including 700 granite steps. 

Beautiful Vernal Fall and my beautiful family

Beckham and Me

At Sentinel Beach in Yosemite Valley

FREEZING COLD WATER! Don't let the smile fool you,
 my feet were on fire, COLD fire!

It's not a trip to the beach unless someone eats sand!

Kids building trail markers near the base of Yosemite Falls

The tallest trail marker.  This man is trying to add another pebble to it.

Sunset at Glacier Point over looking the whole Yosemite Valley.
Half Dome is in the background.

So happy we came to Yosemite!

Father like son

Tim, Beckham and Grandpa Bob at Glacier Point. Thank you
Grandpa for suggesting that we come here! So worth it!

Me and Beckham at Glacier Point,
Half Dome is behind us.

Cute Makenna

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beckham's First Hair Cut

So Beckham's hair was getting quite long so I decided it was time to cut it.  Although I really loved his long hair, I found he looks just as cute with his hair short! You be the judge!

Beckham Pre haircut - Age almost 11 months

New short do but still just as cute!  Love, love this boy!