Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rocky Point Mexico 2008

Once again Mom Holladay pulled through with planning an absolutely awesome vacation to Rocky Point. It has become an annual thing and she always spoils us while we are there! Everyone was able to come except for dad Holladay and we felt really bad about that.

This is the first year that we have gone in October. In the past we have gone in July or August. I know I loved going in October much more because the weather was so much nicer. Because it wasn't "cherry cobbler" hot, we were able to spend more time outside without getting sun sick and fried.

There is a link to more mexico picts at the bottom of this post.

Chillin' on the beach

Crazy haired Kaitlyn

Cute as a bug Konnor

Makenna's first taste of the beach

Mommy and Kenna

Uncle Skip and Kaitlyn on the banana boat

Colby, Kaitlyn and Konnor

Washing the sand out of all of the crooks and fannies, I mean nooks and crannies.

Happy family

Uncle Sean and Kaitlyn (uncle Sean calls her Cat-lin)

Riding the banana boat

Riding the quads

Church in Puerto Penasco

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute Random Picts of the Kiddies

Here are some ramdom pictures that need to be shared.

Kaitlyn at a primary activity day.

Rock on!

Wild thing, you make my heart sing!

Just plain cute

Colby, Kade and Konnor. We loved the hair extensions on the hats!

Konnor out cold in Makenna's chair.

Kaitlyn sleeping

Tempe beach park with Kade for his Birthday

Just happy to be alive and beautiful!

Love this cute faced boy!

So cute I makes my heart ache!

Vacuum? No way! Who needs it?

Skippy's little girlfriend

What are you looking at?