Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missionaries All Around

Tim's brother Sean returned home safely from his mission to Honduras on my birthday September 25th. It was the best birthday present ever! Sean served faithfully as a missionary and has grown and changed in many ways. But, at the same time, he is still the same awesome Sean as before his mission.

Mom and Dad Holladay and Skip had the wonderful opportunity to go to Honduras and be with Sean the last week of his mission. They had lots of fun stories to share.

Also, on Friday when we all got back to Show Low, Skip's mission call had arrived in the mail. We all waited for Kenny and Leslie to arrive from Utah before Skip opened his call. Skip was called to serve in the Charlotte, North Carolina mission. Way to go Skip! It was wonderful to have every one together as we got one missionary home and another got his call to serve.

I would also like to recognize Mom and Dad Holladay for their hard work and super parenting skills. All five of their boys have strong testimonies, are Eagle Scouts and all will have served missions. Three of the five boys are already married and sealed in the Temple and the other two will be too when the time comes. These are the things in life that are truely important.

Bryan and Sean

Tim and Sean

After the airport, we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse at my request. Yee Haahh!

Welcome home to Show Low

Skip waiting to open his misson call.

Lunch at La Casita

Honduras shirts and gifts all around. Thanks Sean and Mom and Dad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Salt River Float

So we decided to take the family and float down Salt River again this year. We did it last year around this same time and it was awesome! There were probably 10 other people total besides us on the river last year. We practically had it all to ourselves and we loved it. Well, it was not the same experience this year. Every frat guy and sorority girl plus their crazy friends and relatives were on the river! Wow! It was nuts. I won't go it to detail but we got ears-full and eyes-full of Babylon! Fortunately, everyone besides us got off at point 4 where the buses picked them up. We continued floating to point 5 by ourselves. During this time, I talked with Tim about how I felt like we had just passed through the telestial and terrestrial kingdoms and that now we were the only ones "floating" through to the celestial kingdom. All of us made it through and we were all sealed together (tied together with ropes) and it was beatiful and peaceful.

Konnor and Kaitlyn getting ready for floating Salt River. So Cute!

Makenna floating down Slat River. We called her "Baby Moses". She was buckled into her car seat which was held into the center of the tube with bungee cords. She floated that way for over 5 hours and never let out a peep! She loved it!

Me with some sick aviators and my "Just Say No" hat that I won at our Jackson family reunion auction last year. Awesome!

The whole clan.

Sweet Kaitlyn Belle.