Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping On Mt. Graham - Weekend of June 21st

So, the three kids and I traveled with my dad, Dayna and Kade to Thatcher to attend my uncle Derald's (mom's brother-in-law) funeral and go camping on Mt. Graham. We all packed into a borrowed minivan, it was a tight fit! We met Glen in Thatcher as he had gone the day previous to practice singing a special musical number for the funeral. (Tim was unable to come because of a DJ gig he had already committed to.) I was very grateful that I was able to attend the funeral and visit with relatives on my mom's side of the famliy that I don't often get to see. I would not have made the trip alone so I would like to thank dad and Glen and Dayna for all of their help coordinating the trip and helping with my kids.

Kade and Kaitlyn chilling at our camp.

The whole group of happy campers.

Makenna (4 weeks old) kicking it in the back pack.

Really big tree in the forest.

Dad climbing trees and pushing dead trees over.

Grandpa and Makenna

Happy campers and hikers.

Dayna and me. Just a note to Dayna: You are so amazing! I could not love you more. Thank you for marrying Glen!

Kaitlyn, Konnor and Kade

Glen packing the boys.

Glen and Dad after riding all the way down from our camp spot near the top of Mt. Graham.